Hi guys!! I’m Dena, a passionate illustrator, artist, activist, mover and shaker :)

The topics that anger me most relate to women’s rights, black lives, the environmental impact of the fashion industry, and the collection of trash in our oceans. I want to explore solutions to these problems, fight for change, and discuss ideas about how we can move beyond the existential crises that plague our society.

A few of my likes: justice, confrontation, tasty beats, consequences, accountability, drawing, vintage furniture, drip coffee, individuality, laughing, sarcasm, and activism :)

A few of my dislikes: Imperialism, patriarchal oppression, toe socks, passive aggression, ignorance, stereotypes, social norms, and influencers

A few things I will not tolerate: gaslighting, performative allyship, racism, THE MAN, hate speech, and trolls.

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